CJLD 2012 social calendar: the first six months

By August 24, 2012Archive

The May event saw the CJLD members in a more studious mood than usual, as Wesleyan for Lawyers hosted an interactive seminar on saving and investing.  Members at the drinks afterwards (discussing wild mis-management of their own finances) all agreed the session was a useful eye-opener.

This was preceded in April by an event uniquely calculated to scare away the shy and uncoordinated, with a Salsa class at St Pauls Church on Hills Road.  Attendees have assured us it was a great night, with a dance-off resulting in a Kindle being awarded to Beth Thomas of Mills & Reeve.

March saw the hosting of one of the jewels in the CJLD crown, the Pub Quiz.  The teams were generally baffled, with questions like “What is the actual colour of an airplane’s black box” causing consternation and barely-concealed anger.  The ‘Quiz Stains’ won first place, collecting their prizes in front of a resentful crowd.

The early events served as a decent introduction for the new CJLD members, with festive drinks held in December followed by cocktails in January at the Snug.  Things got slightly more serious in February with a sit-down Italian meal – memorable to most as being just about the longest meal in history.  This all helped to ensure, however, that the ice was well and truly thawed for the subsequent events.

Massive thanks go to Lilly Hamilton and Saskia Molekamp, the CJLD Social Secretaries, for their hard work in organising these events, and also the sponsors.

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